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10 Potent herbs to protect your respiratory system

Several environmental factors can make anyone susceptible to respiratory conditions. For instance, exposure to cigarette smoke and toxic factory fumes can severely irritate the lungs and nasal passage. Over time, frequent exposure to irritants can lead to significant respiratory damage and impaired lung function. Many physicians prescribe the use of pharmaceutical drugs to eliminate the disease-causing pathogens attacking the lungs. However, synthetic drugs and antibiotics cause side effects that can worsen the symptoms of respiratory conditions, such as allergic reactions, nausea, shortness of breath and irregular heart rate. Extensive use of antibiotics has also led to the emergence of complex, antibiotic-resistant strains that are difficult to neutralize. Fortunately, various medicinal herbs can positively affect bronchial tubes and airways that transport oxygen throughout the body. The following herbs can repair damaged lungs and boost overall respiratory health. Read more....



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