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5 Ways to Green Your Halloween

If you're into the spooky side of Halloween, there are plenty of fun ways to get your fear fix—going to a haunted house, slathering on fake blood or taking in the latest horror flick. But not even the most adventurous fright fans want to be scared about their family's health or the planet's come Oct. 31. That's not fun-scary, that's just plain old scary. Unfortunately, there are some threats to look out for. Halloween has become a major consumerist holiday, with the average American expected to spend about $87 on it this year, adding up to a whopping $9 billion nationwide, according to the National Retail Federation. All that spending increases the likelihood of cheap items—costumes, candy, decorations and party supplies—winding up in our landfills come November. And they're not just bad for the Earth. Readily available store-bought costumes and accessories can also contain dangerous ingredients.  Read more...



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