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5G – A Dystopian View of our Future

I have watched many broadcasts from the UN to local court hearings concerning the roll-out of 5G and I will put the links at the end. Here are what some of the people are saying, most of them being professionals in a certain line of work. These are not tin hat conspiracy theorists watching one YouTube video and then spurting out a lot of loaded half truths. These are serious people. Here is what some of them had to say.  The technology has not been tested for the effects on human beings, or even wildlife. The technology coming will be broadcasting at 60 gigahertz. This is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules. This has been deployed in the US as a weaponised system. You do not mess with oxygen molecules. 30 days without food you will be hungry and possibly close to death. 3 days without water you will be very thirsty and possibly close to death. 3 minutes without oxygen, you will probably be dead. What happens at the molecular level when you have oxygen molecules being bombarded with radio frequency emissions at 60 gigahertz? It affects the orbital properties of the electrons, and the haemoglobin’s ability to bind to the oxygen molecules. This is absolutely horrific and psychotic.  Read more...



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