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5G Roll-out: A High Tech EMF Front in the War Against Humanity?

In spite of health regulators’ and telecom industry professionals’ assurances that the looming 5G roll-out is safe, the general public has started viewing these technological marvels with some suspicion. Cities around the world, from Brussels, to Portland to Florence, to Geneva and even whole countries, including Australia, France, and the Netherlands are putting the brakes on the installation of the new generation of wireless networks citing the potential harm caused to human health by the radiation this new infrastructure would entail. Thanks to the internet, independent news sites like this one, and hard-working activists around the globe, word of the harmful effects of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation has begun to trickle out and inform more and more people. Citizens are coming together, forming discussion groups, sharing information and are engaging in grass-roots lobbying efforts. Public events, including a ‘Global day of Action’ on January 25th are becoming impossible to dismiss. Read more.....



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