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A Letter to Physicians — Should The Term EMF Sensitivity Be Redefined?

Even though I too am hypersensitive to EMF, I am concerned that the terms EMF Sensitivity and Hypersensitivity may be too compartmental, when the ramifications are so profound and universal. By identifying our symptoms as somehow unique to us alone, we are separating ourselves from the rest of humanity. We become “those” people, different from all the rest. However, there are at least two other categories: Those who are experiencing symptoms, but neither they nor their doctors are aware of the issue, and there could be  millions of them. Then there those who are aware, but are not experiencing symptoms, so they feel free to ignore the issue, thinking it’s just “those” people who have a problem.  Unfortunately, EMF Sensitivity is not the same as an allergic reaction. Without intervention, those allergic to peanuts would likely die, while others can eat peanuts to their hearts content, with no ill effects, ever. But with EMF, the reality is that every living thing on the planet suffers damage when exposed to non-ionizing Radio Frequency radiation, whether you experience symptoms or not, whether you know it or not. If you are exposed, the damage is happening.  Read more....



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