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A low-fat low-carb diet will NOT make you live longer - and people that keep to the plan by eating 'unhealthy' junk foods face higher risks of a premature death, study finds

The superiority of the low-carb, low-fat diet has been debunked, according to a new study. Minimizing these two food groups has been a popular way to shed weight and get healthy since the 1980s. High-fat, high-carbohydrates diets are indeed linked to worse health outcomes and higher risks of death, but new research from Harvard University found that simply eating fewer of any carbs and any fats won't extend your life expectancy. What's more, those who get the few carbs and fats they consume from unhealthy foods made with 'empty calories' actually have a higher risk of death than the general population, according to the new study. Read more....



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