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A Pediatric RN Shares Practical Tips for Minimizing Vaccine Risks

Maureen McDonnell, BS, RN - “Risks?”  you may ask.  “I thought the science was conclusive?” I’m sorry to report that this statement is far from the truth.  All one has to do is pick up a package insert for any of the 26 vaccines required in the first year of life (52 before the age of 5, & 72 before age 18) and read the multiple pages of potential harm vaccines can cause to know how misleading that all too common, yet blatantly false statement is.  With the recently enacted laws in NY state and California mandating every child (even those who are medically fragile) receive the full list of CDC authorized vaccines, I feel it is my duty as a Pediatric RN for more than 40 years to provide parents with practical tips and ideas on what can be done to minimize the risks associated with vaccines.  Although I am tempted to elaborate on the current injustices involving the vaccine industry’s dominance of the pediatric profession and the unwarranted policies that our government is forcing us to comply with – that collectively have led to the erosion of our children’s health, instead I will share some of the relevant knowledge I have accumulated from my decades as a Pediatric RN,  mother, environmentalist, grandmother and adamant protector of children’s health in hopes of helping parents protect their children.  Read more.....



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