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Support The Children And Firefighters Act

No Time for Denial

Urge Your Senator to Support S.2811 Today

With the election results in, Senate leaders have already proposed their new head of the legislature’s key environmental committee: Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma. Inhofe is best known for writing a book calling climate change science “a hoax,” and has compared environmental regulators to the Nazi Gestapo. 
With “leaders” like this, now it’s more important than ever to hold elected officials accountable for action to protect our children and families from disease-causing chemicals, like harmful flame retardants. Take action today to tell your Senators (and incoming Senators) to co-sponsor legislation ending health risks from the worst flame retardants.
There’s nothing new about public officials who put corporate gain before healthier environments. During George W. Bush’s presidency we had the most pro-corporate administration in decades. But during the Bush Administration, CEH product testing, legal work, and advocacy won bi-partisan Congressional passage of the first-ever comprehensive law banning lead from all children’s products. Our work pressured President Bush into signing that law in 2008. 
We didn’t let a hostile federal government stop us then, and we won’t let the turnover in Congress stop us now. When it comes to our children’s health, there’s no time for denial.
That’s why we support Senator Charles Schumer’s proposal to ban the worst flame retardant chemicals. Schumer’s “Children and Firefighters Protection Act” (S. 2811) will get the ten most toxic flame retardant chemicals off the market, and ultimately out of our couches, kids’ furniture, and other products our children and families use every day. The act protects firefighters, too, since they risk exposures to these harmful chemicals that can be even more dangerous when they burn in fires.
Take action today to support children, families and firefighters from flame retardants. Urge your Senator to support S. 2811 today!. 
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