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Aluminum can foil your good health: Do you use this neurotoxin in your kitchen?

If you take a look around a typical kitchen, you’re likely to find a lot of aluminum. It’s not something you might give much thought normally, but once you start looking for it, you’ll find it everywhere, from the pans in your cabinet to the foil in your drawer and the canned vegetables in your pantry. Its ubiquity might make you think it’s quite safe, but the truth is that it is a neurotoxin that can wreak havoc on your health.  That’s right: the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry officially classifies aluminum as a neurotoxin. Unfortunately, it’s the third most common element on Earth and enters your system quite easily. You’ll find it in everything from medications and vaccines to beauty products, but it’s in the kitchen that you need to be especially vigilant.  Read more....



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