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Amazon Primed: Toxic Goods Scandal, More Plastic Waste, Exploding Solar Panels

Another fire-fighting week but for both Amazon's this week. The big story came on Friday when The Wall Street Journal decided to push out its rather damning article on how much of Amazon's fiefdom is fake products, mislabelled items and unsafe versions of products. The well-researched article shows over 4,000 items on the site were deemed unsafe by federal entities. Amazon quickly removed a lot of the products, but the damage has been done to its reputation. While Amazon is shown to take the matter seriously, the article won't belay any fears in Congress (and other groups putting pressure on government bodies around the world) who are looking to curtail Amazon (and co's) grip on society. Amazon has a responsibility in this area, a responsibility that will cost it millions if not billions to fix. Trust is the one thing Amazon can't afford to lose.  Read more....



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