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American Heart Association is Silent on Heart Cancer and Irregular Heart Rate Risks from Cell phones, Cell towers, and Wireless Radiation. Why?

The American Heart Association’s mission statement is: To build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  Yet, AHA fails to warn the public about serious, life-threatening cardiac impacts from wireless radiation exposure.  These risks include heart rhythm disturbances, heart tumors, cardiac arrest, as well as red blood cell clumping, high blood pressure, and stroke. Its only advisory — about pacemakers and ICDs — advises keeping cell phones 6” away from pacemakers/ICDs and out of pockets next to them, but claims cell phones are a “very small risk” to ICDs and “even less of a risk” to pacemakers.  Why the silence? AT&T and IBM sit on the American Heart Association CEO Roundtable advisory board, and have also likely contributed substantial dollar and in-kind donations to AHA.  Read more...



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