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An Overview on PFAS Chemicals and Microplastic Pollution

Over time, the evolution of consumerism has driven big companies into looking for cheaper ways for producing basic items like packaging, cleaning products, cookware and in some cases, even cosmetics. This means that the materials used are often combined with toxic chemicals that end up not only polluting our air and water but posing a real threat to human health. Unfortunately, because there still is a high demand for these items, mass production doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon and the amount of pollution emerging from it just grows higher. From production fumes released from factories that contribute greatly to the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere to chemicals being released in soil and contaminating our groundwater to the alarming problem of our nonbiodegradable waste that just keeps growing, with no real means of actually being able to recycle it or to dispose of it in a non-polluting way.  Read more....



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