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Ancient Tree Discovered With a Record of Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal in Its Rings

In March 2019, an amazing discovery was made on New Zealand’s North Island. An ancient tree, the first and perhaps only specimen that exists, shows evidence of a reversal of Earth’s magnetic field. The Agathis Australis, known as a Kauri tree in Māori, was unearthed during the expansion of a geothermal power plant on North Island. The Kauri was buried 26 feet (7.92m) underground and is 65 feet (19.81m) tall with a diameter of 8 feet (2.44m) and weighs 60 tons. Carbon dating revealed that the tree lived for about 1,500 years between 41,000 and 42,500 years ago. Alan Hogg, from New Zealand’s University of Waikato, said: “There’s nothing like this anywhere in the world. This Ngāwhā kauri is unique.”  Read more.....



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