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Antibacterial Cleaners Increase Molds

A study found that in urban homes, where the use of cleaning products is usually more prevalent than in rural homes, fungal diversity was higher, not lower as might be expected. The study, "Home Chemical and Microbial Transitions Across Urbanization," was published in the journal Nature Microbiology. Researchers investigated and compared the chemical and microbial conditions of urban and rural homes in the Amazon basin and of the people who lived in them. The dwellings ranged from a rainforest village with thatched huts that had no walls to a Peruvian rural town with wooden houses but no indoor plumbing, to a more populous Peruvian city of 400,000 with more modern appurtenances, to the high-rise dotted metropolis of Manaus, Brazil. What the researchers found from the wide cross section of urban and rural living was surprising.   Read more....



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