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Are globalists using coronavirus crisis as battering ram to destroy, remake world order?

In February of 2017, I was inspired by a Remnant TV video on President Trump’s inauguration speech titled “Here’s why they hate him. I followed up by writing “The surprising real reason for the hate against Donald Trump” that was one of our most viewed articles of 2017. I suggest you read it to better understand the significance of the new video, Covid-19: Globalism’s perfect storm, presented below and my deep concerns about a larger, world-wide agenda that is definitely going on in conjunction with the Wuhan virus pandemic. (Note: I call it the “Wuhan virus” because the general norm has been to use the location from which a pandemic virus came in the naming of the virus whereas the corrupt WHO, in response to pressure from Communist China, has insisted we all use the innocuous “covid-19” nomenclature.)  Read more....



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