Girl Planting seeds

Battle for clean air is sending our gardens to new heights

When Andrea Carnevali’s son started at St Mary’s Catholic primary school in Chiswick he was alarmed to find that pupils were sometimes kept indoors at break times, despite a large playground.  The reason was the nearby six-lane A4 road, which has up to 100,000 vehicles thundering past the school each day. As evidence mounted about the impact of poor air quality on children’s health, the headteacher restricted time outside.  Carnevali and other parents decided to take action. Within months they had crowdfunded almost £100,000, and last month a 126-metre “living wall” of 12,000 plants was installed as part of a clean-air initiative at the school. They hope the wall – designed to trap exhaust particles, absorb sound and increase biodiversity – will transform one of London’s most polluted schools into one of its greenest.  Read more....



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