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Bees struggling to survive in Nebraska

The official Nebraska state insect is feeling the sting of agricultural chemicals, unfavorable weather, flooding and mites, according to beekeepers big and small.  Keeping bees here has been so challenging lately that the U.S. commercial beekeeping giant Adee Honey Farms recently gave up on Nebraska as a place to put hives during the summer months.  The company, which has almost 82,000 hives and trucks them across the country to pollinate fruit and vegetables, had kept 12,000 hives in Nebraska — almost 500 million bees.  At one time, Nebraska had been the company’s top honey-producing state, according to the Omaha World-Herald.  The state, with its open ranges and river bottoms, offered prime locations for bees to rest, recuperate and make honey.  This year, the company put no hives here. Its bee losses in the state were 82% last year, so severe that the company moved what bees it could salvage to South Dakota, a company official said.  Read more....



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