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Bill Gates Plans to Vaccinate the World, No Matter What the Cost

If you think Bill Gates’ grandiose plans to force vaccinate 7 billion people with COVID-19 are delusional, think again. The Microsoft billionaire — who has no public health education, who is not a public health expert, and who is not a doctor or an epidemiologist or an infectious disease expert (he didn’t even finish college) — has recommendations that go beyond mandating a few billion vaccines. And those plans include indemnifying anyone involved in the vaccine from liability, no matter how many casualties a fast-tracked vaccine like that might have. In fact, he’s already suggesting that if just 1 in 10,000 persons has serious side effects, then that means 700,000 people will suffer from the vaccine’s administration, and that’s why “governments will have to be involved because there will be some risk and indemnification needed before that can be decided on.”



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