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Black market vapes contained 'high levels' of pesticides: laboratory

CannaSafe, an accredited California cannabis testing laboratory, says it tested more than 100 black market vaping devices and found "high levels" of pesticides in all of them.  Around 90 percent of the devices tested contained vitamin E acetate, and all were mislabeled, CannaSafe CEO Aaron Riley told FOX Business' Stuart Varney.  None of the legal vaping devices tested by CannaSafe contained pesticides or vitamin E acetate, he said.  “The results were shocking, to say the least,” Riley said Tuesday.  According to Riley, the most dangerous chemical found in the vaping devices was myclobutanil, the active ingredient in Eagle 20, a pesticide that is frequently used to prevent the growth of powdery mildew in plants such as grapes. Although it’s considered to be safe to use on certain crops, it becomes dangerous when used in cannabis products.  Read more....



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