Girl Planting seeds

Bolsonaro Greenlights New Pesticides Even as Advocates Mourn Half Billion Dead Bees in Brazil

Pointing to the deaths of more than half a billion bees in Brazil over a period of just four months, beekeepers, experts, and activists are raising concerns about the soaring number of new pesticides greenlighted for use by the Brazilian government since far-right President Jair Bolsonaro took office in January—and the threat that it poses to pollinators, people, and the planet.  Indigenous and green groups have expressed alarm about dangers of Bolsonaro's anti-environment policies—especially for the Amazon rainforest—since even before Bolsonaro's inauguration. Recent reports highlighting that the Bolsonaro government has approved a record 290 pesticides so far this year have further heightened worries about his environmental agenda and its consequences.  Read more....



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