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BOMBSHELL: Blistering Open Letter to Governor Cuomo From a Single Mom, Physician Assistant

This is an open letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, originally posted on Facebook by Julie Donofrio Habberfield of Rochester, NY. According to Habberfield’s letter and other Facebook posts she has shared about the coronavirus pandemic, she is a physicians assistant, and she is fed up with the “hysteria” and extreme social distancing guidelines being forced upon the public amid the pandemic. Read her letter below:
Mr. Cuomo,
I am a licensed physician assistant employed by Rochester Regional Health and currently practicing at Clifton Springs Hospital in Clifton Springs, NY. As a healthcare provider and a lifelong resident of New York State, I am urging you to reconsider some of your recent and drastic measures you have taken in the “fight against coronavirus”. I have tried to make sense of the drastic measures, the bold statements, the sweeping and often misleading statistics and I just cannot any longer. Today you mandated that every school across New York State remained shuttered for the rest of the year, it was the final and painful stab into my heart as a parent and as a New Yorker.
The initial rationale behind social distancing during the Coronavirus “outbreak” was to flatten the curve as not to overwhelm the hospitals and the patient burden. The IHME models that you have highly relied upon initially predicted grim and dire numbers (EVEN WITH SOCIAL DISTANCING METHODS BUILT IN), yet these numbers were revised and adjusted several times as reality proved them to be grossly inflated. Hospitals have never been overwhelmed, supplies have not been exhausted, and patients have not died secondary to inadequate medical capabilities. In upstate New York, area hospitals are at record low patient volumes, nurses and mid level providers have been furloughed. I report daily to the nearly empty hospital that I work at, and worry about my job. I video chat with my patients and attempt to reassure them, while not being able to offer procedures that could potentially treat problems and answer questions. Routine medical care has been practically non existent for over two months as we sit in empty hospitals awaiting “the surge”. The long term impact of virtually ignoring any other medical condition in favor of COVID is terrifying and potentially far more detrimental. Why has this not been a consideration? During a press conference a reporter asked you if you had considered the increased rates of domestic violence and suicide, the increased rates of drug abuse/overdose, mental health, etc, all directly related to this prolonged and excessive quarantine. You responded that Covid is death, and nothing is more important then death. Mr. Cuomo, suicide is death, mental health can lead to death, domestic violence can cause death. Ignoring hypertension, diabetes, renal disease, all of this can lead to death. Have you truly thought about any of this?
Covid is not death, and please stop feeding the hysteria. In 2018 the seasonal flu caused over 80,000 deaths in the United States. The current IHME model predicts 75,000 deaths from Covid by August 2020. We had a vaccine for influenza in 2018, and yet it still caused more deaths then Covid has or likely will. Why did the state not close in 2018? In fact, the general public are largely unaware that it even was a particularly bad flu season. Why did you not insist that everyone wear worthless face masks to “stay safe”? You know what else did not happen in 2018? People weren’t afraid to leave their homes, schools did not close, life did not crash to a halt. Illness happens, death happens, and as is the case for every disease known to man, some people will be more likely to suffer negative outcomes then others. The immunocompromised population, the elderly, the infirm, they are more likely to succomb from any illness. There should be precautions in place to protect these populations, however there is absolutely no need to impose these tyrannical restrictions so broadly. To date, Covid has not been shown to be more infectious than influenza viruses, in Monroe County, we only have 1400 cases. This accounts for 0.17% of the population in our area. Yet if I choose to walk down the street without wearing a cloth mask over my face, I am a terrible person with no regard to for human life.




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