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Bonnie's Krispy Spinach Bites



By Bonnie Eskenazi







Organic frozen chopped spinach – 16oz

Extra virgin olive oil

Organic fillo dough – l pkg*

1 lb crumbled feta cheese

2 lightly beaten organic eggs

Sea salt

Makes approx 2 dozen


*Fillo sheets are 9″ X 14″.  Leave fillo dough out at room temperature for two hours before preparing (comes frozen)



Preheat oven to 350--Convection Bake

Glass casserole (2)

Pastry brush


Heat spinach for 3 minutes in boiling water.  Strain water out completely.

Add sea salt, 1 beaten egg.

Add feta cheese and mix all ingredients. 

Lightly brush olive oil on glass casserole.


Take one sheet of fillo out at a time so it does not dry out. 

Lay one sheet out, fold in half and in half again and brush sheet lightly with oil.

Add spinach mixture to shorter end and roll fillo very tight, place in glass casserole. 


Brush very lightly with egg.

Bake till golden and Krispy.


Approx 30 minutes, 

Serve warm and enjoy.


            rolling_krispy_spinach      krispy_spinach_bites_rolled



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