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CAFO California — One of the Most Polluted Places on Earth

California's San Joaquin Valley is an agricultural powerhouse in the U.S., producing more than $17 billion a year in crops on some 7 million acres of fields.1 The region is also home to CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) animals, including cattle. At the valley's largest feedlot, Harris Ranch, 100,000 cattle are packed in over a stretch of 800 acres.  While it's no secret that California is saddled with a sizable problem of air pollution, many people picture urban traffic as the source of the area's ever-present smog. Lesser known is the fact that, as news outlet Undark reported, trucks working for Harris Ranch drive a collective 6,000 miles a day just hauling food to CAFOs, releasing nitrogen oxides (NOx) along the way.  Read more...



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