Girl Planting seeds

Call Of The Forest — The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

The documentary "Call Of The Forest –– The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees" adds to the scientifically supported psychological and physiological effects associated with spending time in the woods. It shows how trees and forests intricately affect the land, sea and air around them and are essential to flora and fauna.  Experts included in the documentary postulate that trees were the very beginning of life on earth, which was nothing but a "rock" until the appearance of trees and the organic matter called humus.  But "Call Of The Forest" also shows the devastating effects of deforestation, removal of native trees, "tree farming" (in which trees are made into monoculture crops) and the lumber industry. Luckily, some people like Diana Beresford-Kroeger, a classical botanist, medical biochemist and author who has studied rare tree species for more than 40 years, are committed to stopping these dangerous trends and instilling in the public a greater awareness and respect for forests.  Read more....



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