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Can Your Alarm Tone Affect Your Energy Level?

Do you rely on an alarm to wake you up in the morning? If so, what does it sound like? Some alarms beep or buzz, while others might sing you a song to help pull you out of your slumber. According to a recent study, your alarm tone matters. If you’re waking up groggy, it could be to blame.  Researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia distributed online surveys asking participants to describe the sound of the alarm they used to wake up in the morning, along with their feelings toward the sound and perceived sleep inertia (grogginess) after waking. The researchers found that those who woke up to a more melodic alarm in the morning — such as an alarm that plays music — reported increased alertness, while those who woke up to a more harsh-sounding alarm tone reported increased grogginess.  Read more.....



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