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Canadian research points to pesticides as possible cause of Havana Syndrome

A new study of Canadian diplomats who were posted to Havana, Cuba points to insecticides used to fight the Zika virus as a possible cause of so-called Havana syndrome.  The research, led by Dr. Alon Friedman of Dalhousie University’s Brain Repair Centre, runs counter to the prevailing theory that acoustic weapons attacks caused the brain damage seen in Canadian and U.S. diplomats who were posted in Havana between 2016 and 2018.  The team led by Friedman found the results of brain scans, blood tests and examinations, including trips to Cuba, point to environmental neurotoxins, the kind that might have been used during an aggressive campaign of spraying to mitigate the Zika virus, which is spread by mosquitos and can cause birth defects. Both the Canadian and Cuban governments were fumigating areas inside and outside where diplomats lived and worked around the time diplomats began having symptoms of Havana syndrome.  Read more....



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