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CATASTROPHIC ERROR: In just two days, thousands of potentially cross-infected passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship will be released and allowed to take commercial flights anywhere in the world

World health authorities are about to commit a gross error that could literally end up costing millions of lives. So far, 355 passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship have been diagnosed with coronavirus infections. As you may recall, this started from just one passenger, then grew to 10, then 30, and now more than 10% of the entire passenger manifest is infected. The 3,000+ passengers have been quarantined on this cruise ship for 12 days. But the ship isn’t a level-4 biohazard facility, and passengers are sharing the same recirculated cabin air — a critical realization, considering that coronavirus spreads through the air.  Two days from now, on Feb. 19th, the original “14-day quarantine” comes to an end. All the remaining passengers who do not test positive for the coronavirus will be released by the government of Japan and allowed to board commercial flights to any city, anywhere in the world. What’s wrong with this picture?



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