Girl Planting seeds

Change to Federal Pesticide Rule Threatens More Farmworkers with Toxic Chemicals Exposure

For Rogelina Sánchez, that morning last June began much like hundreds of other mornings had begun in the fields of California’s Central Valley. There was the slowly rising heat, the crisp rustle of leaves, the snatches of conversation as people bent to their work. On this day in the vineyard just west of the town of Dinuba, the grapes grew so thick and tall that Sánchez, 54, says she couldn’t see beyond the row where she was pruning. So, she had no warning before the wave of pesticides hit. Suddenly, her throat tightened, her head started pounding, and there was a bitter taste in her mouth. Moments later, she says, she felt like someone had slugged her in the stomach and she vomited. All around her, people were doing the same.  Read more....



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