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Chinese company mandates that employees take part in vaccine experiments, violating the Nuremburg code of medical ethics

Clamped down by communist control, the Chinese people are being marched toward permanent bodily requirements — their DNA surrendered over to the state and their immune systems sacrificed to and engineered by pharmaceutical companies. In China, there are four major drug manufacturers working on a seasonal covid-19 inoculation — CanSino Biologics, the Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, Anhui Zhifei Longkema Biopharmaceutical, and Sinovac. It is important to note that all previous attempts to develop a coronavirus vaccine for SARS and MERS have failed, causing immunohistopathologies and death in animals. Covid-19 vaccine trials are inherently risky experiments, but due to the level of communist control, blind compliance and willingness to give up bodily integrity, human rights are now threatened around the globe. Read more...


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