Girl Planting seeds

Chlorpyrifos: The Most Dangerous Pesticide You’ve Never Heard of

Scientists say there is no acceptable dose to avoid brain damage. Its use is banned in several European countries. Yet its residues are found in fruit baskets, on dinner plates, and in human urine samples from all over Europe. Now producers are pushing for a renewed EU approval – perhaps in vain.  The name is chlorpyrifos. Here is why the chemical and its risks are almost unknown to the public.  Chlorpyrifos kills insects on growing vegetables and fruit.  “In comparison with glyphosate, the active substance in Roundup, chlorpyrifos has been flying under the radar. When we talk of herbicides like glyphosate that kill weed humans can cope because we don’t have chlorophyll and don’t get directly affected. When we talk about insecticides, you have the problem that they affect all developing animals, including humans,” he says.  Read more...



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