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Colorado Gets Re-Education Classes for Parents Who Refuse to Vaccinate Their Kids

Colorado’s SB-163 bill is set to be passed by the state’s Democrat-controlled Congress, after which it will head to the governor’s desk. Colorado Governor Democrat Jared Polis, who opposed a similar bill last year, has already pledged to sign the new legislation. The bill doesn’t just mandate classes for “anti-vaxxers.” It also dictates that medical professionals must give vaccinations even if they believe the immunizations are not in the child’s best interest. Thankfully, there are no penalties listed for doctors and nurses who operate according to their conscience and basic, common sense, but such penalties will likely be coming in the future. SB-163 goes on to state that parents must provide evidence of completing the modules before being allowed to obtain a state-sanctioned vaccine exemption. Without the state waiver, parents would be forced to pick between homeschooling their kids, which is not a viable option for many families, and injecting their child with a potentially harmful substance. Read more...



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