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Colorectal cancer is a microbial disease: Changes in the gut microbiome can be used for early detection

The human body hosts trillions of microorganisms, forming a population known as a microbiome. While bacteria are usually associated with infections and diseases, others are beneficial to the body, providing benefits to the immune and cardiovascular systems and other aspects of general health. Now, recent evidence suggests that the gut microbiome could hold the key to the early detection of colorectal cancer. A study published in the journal Nature Medicine Letters found that examining genetic changes in fecal matter can accurately show the status of the gut microbiome. These changes involve an increase in specific organisms linked to the malignancies associated with colorectal cancer such as intramucosal carcinoma and polypoid adenomas. According to the researchers, these health markers could eventually be used to help detect cases of colorectal cancer. Read more....



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