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Consuming dairy foods, red meat and processed meat at key life stages has varying health implications, according to study

Different life stages can be linked to different nutritional and dietary challenges. For instance, in the U.K., there is reduced consumption of milk and red meat observed in both teenage girls and young women. This decrease may be due to them considering both as fattening; but the consequence of this insufficient consumption is a deficiency in key nutrients, such as calcium, iodine, and iron. To address this issue and provide people with proper information about which foods to avoid and which foods they should eat, Ian Givens, a researcher from the University of Reading in England, examined the role of dairy and red meat at key life stages in terms of their ability to reduce or increase chronic disease risk. The review, which focuses on the associations between dairy foods, red meat and processed meat, and various cancers, was published in the journal Animal.  Read more....



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