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Coronavirus has proven once again that the FDA is still the same hotbed of corruption it’s been for decades

Regular readers of this site already know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains questionable alliances, and typically favors its buddies in big industry over actual public health. And this is once again apparent with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), which the FDA has actually made worse by barring private corporations that don’t have the FDA’s permission from testing people for the virus. While South Korea was able to get a better hold on the virus early on thanks to government emergency measures that allowed for an all hands on deck! response, the FDA here in the U.S. kept the hands of private industry tied, even as the government has struggled to keep up with testing people for the virus. James Bovard from The Mises Institute says that the FDA turned coronavirus from a “deadly peril” into a “national catastrophe” with this failed approach, which exacerbated the spread of the virus by failing to identify new cases before they had the chance to spread.  Read more....



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