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Coronavirus: Why we should end the pandemic ban on reusable cups

Of the many ways the coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives, the banning of reusable cups by many cafes and other outlets serving hot drinks probably doesn't appear at the top of most people's lists. But the move is likely to add to the mountain of waste piling up as the pandemic has led to a reliance on large amounts of single-use plastic and brought recycling to a halt. Meanwhile, as lockdown restrictions lift, more people are able to visit restaurants or the homes of friends or family. And some may be concerned about eating with plates, cups, and cutlery that other people have handled or eaten from. In response, a group of scientists has endorsed the sensible use of reusable containers as safe and unlikely to contribute to the further spread of COVID-19. Here's why that's the case—and why cafes should lift their reusable cup bans. Read more...




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