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Countering arable land degradation: The waste that woke the soil

Soil is a natural resource that we often overlook and abuse just because of its supposed abundance. Some call it "dirt" and many times we attribute to stains and things we should rid ourselves of in the name of cleanliness. I choose to call it a "wonder" because on it we grow our food; it even covers up the dead. Just because it doesn't scream in pain when we step on it doesn't mean it isn't alive.  Soil is subject to alteration and can be either degraded or wisely managed. Soil degradation being the inability of the soil to support the growth of crops is a very common issue in Southwestern Nigeria. Soils of the tropics die easily making them unproductive; therefore, they need amendments especially those of organic nature to keep them alive to function. Organic manure is a natural material that has rotten or decayed, for example, the waste from a poultry farm. Poultry manure is the organic waste material from poultry consisting of animal feces and urine. This has in time been used to help the soil get better by increasing crop yield. However, in Nigeria especially the southwestern region, there is little information on exactly what happens to some soil physical properties. The physical properties of soil are those characteristics that can be seen with the eye or felt. Sustainable use of soil resources, therefore, requires a thorough understanding of the properties and processes that govern soil quality to satisfactorily perform its functions of value to humans. So, an experiment was carried out to know the exact amount of poultry waste that will improve the soil properties, while increasing the yield of maize.  Read more....



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