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COVID-19: Abnormal Clotting Common in More Severe Disease

Endothelial damage and subsequent clotting is common in severe and critical COVID-19 coronavirus, which may have implications for treatment, Chinese clinicians said at a webinar co-sponsored by the Chinese Cardiovascular Association and American College of Cardiology. "Clots in the small vessels of all organs, not only the lungs but also including the heart, the liver, and the kidney," were described by Bin Cao, MD, of the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Diseases in Beijing, who helped develop treatment strategies there from the beginning of the epidemic. His group had reported March 11 in The Lancet that D-dimer levels over 1 μg/L at admission predicted an 18-fold increase in odds of dying before discharge among 191 COVID-19 patients seen at two hospitals in Wuhan, China. Read more...



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