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Craving Junk Food? This Could Be Why

Sleep deprivation comes at a high cost, considering that nearly every part of your body needs sleep in order to function properly. After a night of tossing and turning, you may notice symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and trouble concentrating, but there’s another side effect of poor sleep you may not know about. According to a recent study, sleep deprivation can also lead to pesky junk food cravings.  According to the study, sleep deprivation affects your olfactory system (your nose) in two ways. When you skimp on sleep, your olfactory system goes into hyperdrive. This sharpens the odors around you, so your brain can differentiate between food odors versus nonfood odors. Sleep deprivation also causes a break in communication, between other areas of the brain that receive food signals, which can lead to changes in food cravings.  Read more.....



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