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'Dark Waters' Is a Real-Life Horror Story, And You're Part of It

Horror movies condition us be cautious of our surroundings—to flinch at the sound of a creaking floorboard or a sudden chill in the air. But the biggest scares in life are the ones that come from things we think are completely safe. In Dark Waters, the evil lies in frying pans. But as it goes, that innocuous household staple is a window into a greater terror. The thriller, which was directed by Todd Haynes and hits theaters this week, draws from a 2016 New York Times article by Nathaniel Rich to tell the real-life story of corporate lawyer and environmental activist Rob Bilott (played by Mark Ruffalo), who won a $670 million cash settlement for thousands of people affected by exposure to harmful chemicals at the hands of the DuPont chemical company.  Read more.....



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