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David V. Goliath: An 11 y/o is on a Mission to Educate About 5G Harms and Protect his Mom

David, an 11-year-old from Idaho, first became aware of wireless harms through his mother Robin’s microwave sickness. What started out as headaches and nausea turned to vertigo and migraines until one day David found his mother lying on the floor in the midst of a heart attack. He was nine years old at the time. After being rushed to the hospital, the cardiologist working with Robin assured the family that there was no problem and that Robin’s heart was very strong for her age. The family continued to see a string of other doctors who all said the same thing: “No problem.” It was David’s father who first made the connection to wireless harms. An Air Force veteran, David’s father was working at the Dresden nuclear facility where he realized his wife’s symptoms matched signs of radiation sickness. Robin has since been officially diagnosed with microwave sickness by Dr. William Rea of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas.  Read more.....



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