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Dear HackensackUMC Visitor

Dear HackensackUMC Visitor,

As Hurricane Sandy continues to rapidly approach our area, we want to assure our patients and visitors that we have prepared Hackensack University Medical Center in the best way possible to face any adverse conditions from the storm. You can depend on us to continue providing the highest-quality of care to all of our patients during this inclement weather.

While we understand that you want to be in the company of your loved one during this hurricane, HackensackUMC would like to encourage its visitors to return to the safety and comfort of their homes as we brace for the storm. With the heaviest part of the hurricane expected to hit later this afternoon into evening, please consider leaving now, rather than later during a more severe part of the storm.

HackensackUMC, a Level II Trauma Center, is a National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant organization. This means that we are in a constant state of readiness for natural disasters, like hurricanes. Extra supplies, such as water, food and medication are on-site, and many other precautions have been taken to ensure seamless care to our patients. Our Incident Command Center will remain fully active throughout and after the storm to manage all emergencies.


We understand that some visitors will remain in the medical center during Hurricane Sandy. In that case, please be aware that parking garage restrictions are in place. For the safety of your vehicle, any visitor with a vehicle that is parked on any garage roof should contactSecurity Dispatch at ext. 2525 for instructions on where to relocate their vehicle.

We will continue to remain in constant contact with our physicians, staff members, patients and visitors. In the meantime, should you have any questions, please call 551-996-2000 or speak with your nurse.

We hope that you and your family remain safe during this time. Thank you.



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