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Deepwater Horizon oil spill’s effects are still being seen

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster continues to cast a long shadow across the Atlantic Ocean. Close to a decade after the ecological disaster, a Florida-based study found that crude oil from the spill has crippled the sense of smell of Atlantic stingrays.  Marine animals use their senses to find food and mates, as well as to avoid predators. An animal will become much more vulnerable to harm if one of its senses are not working properly. This goes double for the sense of smell, which fish use a lot.  A research team from the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) studied the physiological effects of crude oil on the olfactory sense of the Atlantic stingray (Hypanus sabinus). They simulated the levels of oil pollution found in coastal waters during the Deepwater crisis and exposed animals to the toxic pollutant for different lengths of time.  Read more...



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