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Deirdre's Beet Salad



By Deirdre Imus

Organic Red Beets with stems- 5

Organic Red Onion-1

Organic fennel seeds-two pinches

Organic Red Balsamic Vinegar- ¼ cup

Himalayan Sea salt- a pinch



Wash off beets and pull stems and greens on the end off – wash them and put aside.  Boil beets for 30 minutes in water or until tender, can put a fork through them. Drain and let them cool off. While you do that take the stems and leafy part leftover and put thru a juicer with a handful of watercress and half a lemon – voila! You have a delicious healthy cocktail to drink while preparing a beautiful dish.


When the beets have cooled off cut in quarters and add the rest of the ingredients: slice the red onion up in big chunks, add two pinches of fennel seeds, ¼ cup balsamic vinegar and a dash of sea salt. Mix gently in a bowl and serve.


Store leftovers in refrigerator. I prefer this salad cold.

Total time- 40 minutes




Beet: a root vegetable that comes in a variety of colors: red, red and white, white and golden (red-orange). They are a highly nutritious rich source of phytochemicals needed for a healthy body. They protect against heart disease, stroke and helps to lower cholesterol.  They’re naturally low in calories and fat.


Raw beets are an excellent source of folates.




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