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Deirdre's Dandelions, Kale and Broth


By Deirdre Imus

These are some of my favorite foods to eat.  My family loves these sautéed greens.





2 big bunches of raw organic kale

2 big bunches of raw organic dandelion greens

organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil- 1 tablespoon

organic low sodium veggie broth

pinches of pink himalayan sea salt

pinches of pepper


1 yellow organic onion

1 tsp. of organic turmeric

5 cloves of organic garlic



Rinse your kale and dandelion greens, dry pat and cut the kale off the spine

and chop up your dandelion greens.  Chop up your onion and cloves of garlic.

Put aside for a minute.

Use an All Clad stainless steel pan/wok and put on medium low heat and pour your olive oil and

veggie broth in and stir. Add the onion and stir for about 2 minutes: now add the garlic, turmeric

pepper, sea salt and the greens and mix it up for 2 more minutes and done!


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Serves: 4




Dandelion Greens: high in calcium, rich in iron, beta carotene and loaded with antioxidants.

They’re also a good source of potassium, magnesium and Vitamin K. They also contain anti-inflammatory

properties making these greens a good choice to incorporate in your eating habits.




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