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Deirdre's Watermelon Pico



By Deirdre Imus


Great for your July 4th celebration!




Pr​eparation Time – 15 minutes



large organic sweet watermelon

plump organic tomatoes

large yellow onion

sprigs of cilantro

Organic limes

Sea salt



Cut the big watermelon in half. And make watermelon balls with a melon scooper. Put in a bowl. Cut up the tomatoes in chunks, dice the onion up, and dice the cilantro up - put all of this in bowl with watermelon. Add a few dashes of sea salt and squeezes of lime and you're done.  You now have a delicious summer watermelon tomato pico de gallo.



​ Put the other half of the watermelon in the blender with some crushed ice and strawberries and you have a refreshing drink- full of electrolytes for those hot summer days.


Serves: 10


Happy 4th of July!




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