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Dengue Fever—Simple, Safe Treatment

I am a retired nurse-nutritionist and I live in the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire a good part of the year. Dengue fever is not uncommon on Bonaire and one of my friends developed a severe case and had to be taken to the hospital–unable even to walk. At best they anticipated an extended hospital stay.  I learned of his hospitalization late in the evening and in my visit to him the following morning I took ascorbic acid powder (Vitamin C 5000 mg per teaspoon) to his bedside and gave him one teaspoon in water during my visit with instructions to take additional teaspoons every 3-4 hours unless or until he developed diarrhea at which time he should reduce the dose while maintaining the frequency.  By the next day he had recovered sufficiently to be discharged and then recovered fully without any after-effects.  Read more....



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