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Did Google's Manipulation Sway Vaccine Legislation?

Thanks to a recent Project Veritas investigation, it's now public knowledge that Google manipulates its search engine suggestions to create its version of reality. Google's internal teams have been busy collecting and classifying data and search trends then using the information to program highly biased algorithms into their search engine's autocomplete function. The result has been the filtering and unfair ranking of certain media and news narratives, political suppression and what they consider beneficial health information. Once Google began introducing the concept of Machine Learning Fairness (MLF), as it's known within the company, certain online conversations, searches, and ideas have been quietly choked out.  According to research firm NetMarketShare, Google has more than 75% of the search engine market share for desktop browsers and over 80% for mobile devices which effectively gives it monopoly control. Therefore, Google's practices drive much of the Internet experience for most consumers by determining what they view - or rather, what they are allowed to view.  Read more....



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