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Did This Scientist Develop a Cure for COVID-19?

Jacob Glanville, Ph.D., a self-described “entrepreneur, inventor and computational immuno-engineer” featured in the Netflix docuseries “Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak,” claims to have developed a viable cure for COVID-19 that will soon undergo testing by the U.S. military. Glanville, founding partner and CEO of a biotech company called Distributed Bio, and a group of employees began working on a treatment January 25, 2020. According to the company’s website: “Our strategy was to engineer a panel of anti-SARS antibodies to make them recognize and block the novel coronavirus. The result of that work is a panel of ultra-high affinity therapeutic antibodies to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 (the virus behind COVID-19). The work leveraged both the Distributed Bio SuperHuman 2.0 human antibody discovery technology and the Tumbler computational antibody optimization technology to discover thousands of antibodies against a novel virus in 9 weeks.”  Read more...



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