Girl Planting seeds

Did You Know Patchouli Had This Many Uses?

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) is a perennial herb related to the ever-popular oregano, mint and lavender, all members of the Lamianceae family. The plants are native to Malaysia and the Philippines. Since it doesn’t produce seeds, it’s grown by taking cuttings from another plant. The plant has a bushy growth and produces pale pink flowers. For centuries patchouli has been cultivated for the essential oil. Both the leaves and flowers are fragrant, but it’s the leaves that are harvested to produce the oil. The strongly scented oil is produced through steam distillation. It is one of the most widely used traditional Chinese medicines4 and is popular in the making of soaps, perfumes, deodorants and detergents for its scent and its oil’s fixative properties.  Read more...



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