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Dietary components decrease cadmium bioavailability in rice

A recent research paper published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry describes an alternative strategy to reduce cadmium (Cd) exposure. Under the guidance of associate professor Zhuang Ping, SUN Shuo, a doctoral student from South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted in vitro and in vivo bioassays to test Cd bioavailability. The influence of 39 dietary components on Cd bioaccessibility in water or rice were determined using an in vitro gastrointestinal model, following which an in vivo bioassay was used to determine the most effective components on Cd bioavailability in rice. Heavy metal pollution is one of the oldest environmental problems, which is still a serious health problem, especially in some developing countries. Cadmium is a common toxic heavy metal in the environment. Oral intake is the primary way for people to expose cadmium. Read more...



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